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Autor:  lolatheminxx [ 19.06.2019, 10:57 ]
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I thought this might be handy for any other english speakers who had feedback on the festival.

I have to say Nova Rock you are beautiful, I'm so glad I went, it was a wonderful week. Some specific feedback as follows:

Amazing, well organised, good layout.

So clean! Some of the best I have seen at a festival, always kept with toilet paper, very impressive.

Wonderful, clean, good water pressure.

The nicest festival food I have ever eaten. Special mention to the Käsespätzle, it was delicious.

Main Arena
Great layout, looked beautiful at night with all the fire and lasers, the shade tents were great too.

Some things which could be improved:

Improved availability of soft drinks. The refillable aluminium fritz cola bottle was a good idea, but there should have been more refill points. Having to walk to the Grasserlei in the heat to refill the bottle, only to find there was nothing left was very annoying. If you sell a bottle with refills, there should be lots of points to refill - especially in the heat we had. We should also be allowed to take these to the arena.

The arena bar staff were generally not experienced and it showed. Service was slow, beers were full of foam, lots of staff standing around talking... a couple of days of training would have made all the difference.

I loved Nova Rock overall and hope to be back next year.

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